Tea Harvesting in India.

Tea Harvesting in India.

India is world’s largest tea drinking nation & second largest in tea production & supplier after China. It is fascinating to know that 70% of tea produced here is used within India itself. Assam, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Munnar are the major production hubs of teas, as the climate there plays a very important role in tea harvesting. They are tried, tested & proven to have the perfect climate required for tea harvesting. Tea production is the major source of employment in these regions as tea is a labor intensive crop and requires abundant supply of cheap & long hour labor.

Tea Harvesting Process

The final tea leaves are made from the camellia sinensis plant which has shiny dark green leaves along with small white blossom extracts. Indian subcontinent is geometrically divided in tea harvesting areas -

  • Darjeeling tea has three major flushes. First or also known as spring flush are harvested from March to May & the leaves are clear, light and aromatic. Summer flush (second flush) starts from June to mid-August & the leaves produced during this time are darker in color & stronger in taste. Third or autumn flush starts from October to November and comes with full body, copper colored light flavor.

  • Assam is the largest tea producing region in the world & the major amount of tea production in Assam happens between March & Mid-November. This season is known to be producing the best quality tea leaves with golden tips.

  • Kerala and Karnataka are also quite famous for tea harvesting. The tea harvesting in these areas happen throughout the year as it is closer to the equator and experience very less span of winter.

Some of the exquisite and globally acclaimed varieties of tea are produced in India & even though tea was introduced to Indians only few decades ago, it has definitely become an inseparable part of our life.

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Tea Harvesting in India.

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