10 Benefits of Black Tea You Need To Know Today

benefits of black teaFor the majority of Indians, days start with the ritualistic sipping of a freshly brewed cup of tea or ‘chai'. It is not only refreshing and energizing, but it is the daily dose of tonic, which wakes up our senses. Be it a late night project preparation or the last night before exams; a strongly prepared cup of tea is all we need to stay focused all night long. More often, all the intellectual debates, intense conversations, and the brainstorming sessions break in during the tea breaks. However, apart from its soothing aroma and the addictive flavor, there are also numerous benefits of consuming black tea!

The excuses to savor your favorite black tea:

Despite the wide varieties of flavors and tastes, the classic black tea is still the ultimate favorite of many of us. As per health experts, black and Green tea are the most beneficial drinks for the human body:
1. Black tea is full of rich antioxidants such as theaflavins, catechins, and thearubigins, which can prevent even the deadly disease cancer.
2. The presence of polyphenols protect the body cells against damage.
3. It can lower the risk of cardiac problems like atherosclerosis or cardiac arrests.
4. It helps to regulate the cholesterol level, and fight diabetes.
5. Fluoride present in black tea protects our bones and teeth.
6. Phytochemicals present in tea can help you in keeping your bones healthy and prevent osteoporosis. 7. It also bears anti-inflammatory properties.
8. Teaboxes are generally loaded with the antigen, alkylamine, which can improve the immunity system of the body.
9. The regular CTC Tea contains amino acid L-theanine, which helps the body to relieve stress and focus better in work.
10. It is needless to say, that the caffeine and theophylline present in any types of tea makes you feel fresh, energized and rejuvenated.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to brew the perfect cup of black tea with Solanki Supreme.

Posted on 21 August, 2017 | The Incurable Gourmet


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