Tea: A Perfect Friend for Every Mood

Every Mood


Tea may not be the solution for all our problems, but it definitely gives the energy to find a way out of it. Tea brightens the mood and lifts your spirit. Different types of teas have different effects on your brain and body. Tea is known to be an excellent mood booster. There is tea for every mood and every person shares their unique connection with tea. Be it in achieving the big promotion you’ve been waiting for, celebration of buying a new car or get together with your old buddies or family gatherings. Tea perfectly fits all occasions.

  • Romantic

Ditch those clichéd date ideas and go on a refreshing tea date with your partner, talk for hours over a cup of tea and revive your bonding. Tea represents refreshment and energy that will give a fresh boost to your relationship.

  • Relaxed

Sipping a cup of tea after a long tiring day will help you relax and forget all your worries. Teas that contain rosemary or lemongrass have proven to be a good stress buster and release happy hormones in your body.

  • Energetic

A cup of tea in the morning is essential to get you started with your hectic day. Black tea contains 40-60 mgs of caffeine which gives you a good boost to survive the day.

  • Upset

Life can be tough sometimes and things don’t always go as per your plan. If you are upset over something and want to get into a better mood, tea is a good option. It puts you in an energetic mood and brightens up your soul.

  • Exhausted

If you are exhausted from work or stressing over something and want to forget all your worries and just go to sleep, lavender tea is worth a try. It calms your mind and gives you an experience of pleasant sleep.

  • Nostalgia

Cherishing old moments and going through old family or college photographs with your friends or family over a cup of tea can make you feel like you are living those moments one more time.

Posted on 17 August, 2018 | ajinkya@eyecatchers.co


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Tea: A Perfect Friend for Every Mood

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