Tea Culture in India

Tea Culture in India

In India, people rarely dislike tea. In fact, tea isn’t just a drink but it is a daily dose of freshness as it boosts energy levels. Many people in India begin their day with a cup of tea and it has now become important part of life and culture. For every tea lover, it is like monsoon without rain if they don’t have tea in the morning. If you visit any village or city in India, you will definitely find ‘Chaiwalas’ (Tea Sellers) steaming up hot masala chai for their customers. Every year, India consumes around 8,40,000 tons of tea, making tea one of the most consumed, popular and beloved beverage.

As per olden records, tea was consumed in India for medical purpose back in 500 B.C. Britishers introduced black tea with milk and sugar and later on Indians added different spices to create ever popular Masala tea to the world. There are different types of tea available in the market i.e. Black tea, Green Tea, Cardamom tea etc. All tea produced from the plant called ‘Camellia Sinensis’. Each type of tea has its own taste and benefits to health.

Best Companion

In India, tea is considered as the best companion on many occasions. It is the perfect drink to enjoy in rainy and winter days and even during hot summer evenings. Tea is known to boost energy and refresh the mind and body that’s why it’s consumed at the beginning of the day, before meetings, in bad days and even to make good days much better.

A Social Event

In a country like India, tea is one of the best ways to greet the guest along with some snacks at home. It has now become an elaborate culture in India where many people arrange tea parties, colloquially also known as ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ just to  chill or hangout occasionally or to share gossips over a cup of tea!

Perfect Conversation Starter

Whether you are at home or in office or at a relative’s place, tea is the perfect way to start conversations.  Tea is an ice-breaker and helps people communicate with each other on a much better level. In many organizations, tea break is celebrated at work and employees take a moment to have a chai and small chat with their colleagues. It helps people to feel relax and concentrate again on the work.


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