5 Craziest Herbal Tea Myths That Will Blow Your Mind!

A considerable lot of us nowadays rely upon juiced refreshments, with our bustling timetables and full workloads. We tend to know a considerable measure about espresso, and not a great deal about without caffeine drinks, for example, Herbal tea. What's more, what we think we think about homegrown tea regularly isn't valid!

We should expose these five myths about Herbal tea…


  1. Herbal tea is "genuine" tea

Any tea that contains the Camellia Sinensis plant is known as a "genuine" tea. This incorporates your different sorts of dark, green, white, and oolong teas, for example, Earl Gray and Sencha Organic. Homegrown teas are made utilizing herbs (obviously), seeds, roots, and plants barks and are really called "tisanes".


  1. Drinking tea green tea consumes fat

Approve, so this one isn't about homegrown tea, however, it's as yet a typically misguided judgment! There have been numerous articles expounded on the supernatural properties of green tea that will enable you to shed pounds quickly; unfortunately, it is quite difficult. The "science" behind this myth is that green tea contains a stimulant that will as far as anyone knows help your digestion. While it's valid that green tea contains a stimulant, it's not sufficiently about to consume fat. In case you're hoping to get more fit, begin by delicately practising for 30 minutes every day and take a stab at swapping out sugary refreshments for some green tea!


  1. Tea never Expires

It might appear like tea will never turn sour; at any rate, that is the thing that every one of us who have numerous bundles of half-utilized tea in their storerooms thinks. And keeping in mind that tea does keep going for a liberal measure of time, it's not as long as you may think. Free leaf tea will lapse roughly 6 to a year in the washroom and 1 to 2 years in the cooler. In case you're hoping to go through some of your free leaf tea that has been sitting unused for a really long time, experiment with some of these thoughts here!


  1. Pregnant ladies can drink tea as a substitute for espresso

It's notable that pregnant ladies shouldn't drink espresso because of its high caffeine content, however green and dark tea additionally contain a considerable lot of caffeine. Albeit homegrown tea is without caffeine, it's as yet exhorted that pregnant ladies converse with their doctors about every homegrown item that they're hoping to expand.


  1. Every homegrown tea taste the same

The name "natural tea" intimates that it will pose a flavour like, well, herbs. However, there are such huge numbers of various herbs with different flavours and qualifications! Attempt a free leaf tea mix with lemon demulcent, similar to Sweet Dreams, for a more citrusy season. There are likewise teas with ginger that have more flavour!

Posted on 22 April, 2018 | mohit2k18


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