10 Reasons Why Tea is Awesome

10 Reasons Why Tea is Awesome

For tea lovers, morning without tea is like the monsoon without rains—just can’t survive without it. And they can give you innumerable reasons for you to have tea. Checkout the following reasons to know why you must have tea:

  • The first and foremost benefit of tea is that it’s the easiest thing to make on earth!
  • According to research, tea helps in improving the flow of blood throughout the body and reduces risk of clot; thus reducing heart disease.
  • Some studies have pointed out that regular intake of tea in the morning and before lunch helps in avoiding gaining weight and also in burning calories.
  • Certain types of tea such as green tea have been found to improve functioning of the brain, besides also preventing onset of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Furthermore, lot of studies have discovered that tea can help prevent risk of cancer; as people drinking tea were found to have lower chances of having breast, oral or prostate cancer.
  • Being a strong source of antioxidants, tea (black) helps to prevent viruses in mouth and gums.
  • Tea helps you to calm down in a natural way, as it has caffeine in a much lower proportion as compared to coffee. Excess of caffeine leads to increased anxiety and depression and also headaches, fatigue etc.
  • Also, certain substances in tea help to boost your immune system by eliminating risk of infections.
  • Researchers have discovered that tea is as much efficient as water in hydrating the body; while also acting as an antioxidant.
  • Tea helps in boosting your metabolism as elements of tea help in burning fats.


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