Cherishing SURRP of tea


The tea is your ultimate companion when you start afresh in the morning. Of courseone can prefer their own choices of beverages or other preferences.

In the olden days, Indian people did not drink tea just as refreshment, but mainly for its medicinal properties. Later on, when the British started allowing Indian factory workers tea breaks in between works, the humble tea became an instant hit! It acted not only as a strong, aromatic beverage, but also boosted their energy levels, making up for some hunger as it contains milk and sugar.

In our daily hecticschedule as we often wake up late and rush to work, we do not get to take out the time to just sit down and enjoy a delicious cup of tea or coffee. We tend to either have it the car, or think of having it in the office, wherein we drive straight to our work.

When you sit down and enjoy your tea slowly, you not only get to relish its essence, but it is also a healthier way of consuming it. When it comes to tea or other beverages, there are cultures followed across the worldin the form of sacred tea or other beverage rituals.  The reason being they deserve to be observed and savoured with your full attention.

Become innovative with your drink of choice. Enjoy a pot of green tea with a little honey, or English breakfast with a splash of milk and start the day on a refreshingly pleasant note with the surrp of tea!

Posted on 21 February, 2018 | AshwiniEC


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