Tea- A true valentine for tea lovers!

Tea is an absolute delight for all and a great way to start your morning on a refreshing and energetic note. I myself am a tea lover and I can’t find any words to describe the experience of having tea with munching accompaniments, while I sit cozily on my bed. Tea gives me that extra comfort in the morning while I have breakfast in the most comfortable zone.

And I am sure other tea lovers would agree with me when I say that when you have tea, you don’t need anyone else for company…the tea is your perfect partner! The best part of the humble tea is it beautifully complements your snack-time while satiating your craving.

Be it the scrumptious pancakes or cookies and biscuits or even Maggi, tea is there to add to the delightful food-time! And being a pakka Mumbaikar along with a tea lover, I again have no words to describe the feeling of having tea with vada-pav or pakoras, especially during monsoons—all I can say is it just feels heaven! Even if you aren’t a tea lover you will surely agree with me on the above points. And then, if you aren’t a tea lover, all I can say is once you start having tea every day, you are bound to end up falling in love with it.

To sum it up, tea can be said to be the perfect valentine—it brightens your mood, while stimulating your taste buds, it is the easiest thing to make on earth, the best refresher when you are tired—and more importantly, the most convenient thing to have when you are traveling! For me, tea is definitely a true Valentine!


Posted on 13 February, 2018 | AshwiniEC


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Tea- A true valentine for tea lovers!

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