What Benefits Do We Get With Assam Tea

What Benefits Do We Get With Assam Tea



                There is just not any kind of tea in this world, which does not come with any benefits for us. The health benefits may differ with tea types, but then, they are the reason why tea can’t be ignored. One of the most popular tea in the world, Assam Tea, which is grown either side of the mighty Brahmaputra River in extreme weather conditions of humidity, heat and high precipitation, has benefits in abundance. Some of them are:

  • It is good for our cardiovascular health as regular consumption reduces the risk of Heart attack. The Flavonoids in the Assam tea help prevent the build-up of plaque in the arteries and also improve the functioning of cardiac valves lining.
  • Assam tea helps in treating the cavities that bother our teeth effectively. You can either drink a cup of Assam tea every morning or night or just do gargles with it regularly to get this benefit.
  • If you want to up your mental alertness, then one way is to have Assam tea regularly, thanks to the optimum amount of caffeine content in it.
  • The Assam tea boosts our carbohydrates and vitamin levels to produce more red blood cells, thus helping us preventing Anaemia.
  • Besides Anaemia, it also helps in reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Having 2 to 4 cups of Assam tea regularly will help you do that.
  • Assam tea has phenolic compounds, because of their antioxidant properties, the damage of oxygen species and reactive nitrogen is reduced on the cells. This helps in reducing the risk of Lung and ovarian cancer in us.
  • Pregnant women often get morning sickness syndrome, to tackle that issue, Assam tea comes in handy.
  • The magnesium and anti-oxide in Assam tea will help you in avoiding vomiting, whatever be the reason.
  • Hot Assam tea is the perfect drink to warm your body up. This becomes beneficial especially during the winter season as well as heavy rains.

There is no doubt why it is consumed in most parts of the world, as ‘Irish Breakfast Tea’. You will not get the strong and bright colour, the unique malty taste and these many benefits with any other tea than Assam tea. You can also have specific varieties like Assam tea dust and Assam tea for home.



Posted on 18 December, 2017 | PratikshaRavindran


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