5 Advantages of having Instant Tea Premixes

instant tea premixes

Innovation is there in every field, new concepts and ideas come up regularly. Even in the Tea industry there has been one very useful idea, ‘Tea Premix’ a.k.a Instant Tea. A majority of the people love to drink tea, but even though it is easy to make, not all can do that. Hence, this Instant Tea option comes very much handy. Using Instant tea premix has many benefits besides the above, they are:

  1. Health advantage

There are no new and different health advantages of the premix tea, but we will get all those which are there in the tea powder. The different flavours of the tea premix give different health benefits, although, most of them have some common. Read More ..

Posted on 6 December, 2017 | YajasM

How a sip of Cardamom Tea is beneficial for good health

Cardomom Tea

                Tea is a favorite beverage for most of us and we consume it without thinking about what exactly are we getting from it. Just like many other types of tea, cardamom tea also affects your health in a positive way. Cardamom has an amazing variety and high concentration of many active nutrients and compounds.

                Cardamom seeds contain antioxidants, minerals, vitamins etc. which improves us from various skin conditions of psoriasis, eczema, irritation, acne etc. you can consume this tea naturally or even afte Read More ..

Posted on 23 October, 2017 | akshayj

5 types of Tea Premixes you should know about

Nowadays, almost all the tea manufacturing companies have gone beyond making just plain tea. They have started experimenting with adding different ingredients and flavours. Thus, the name ‘Tea Premixes’; as the tea powder also contain other specific ingredient in it, readymade before you start making the tea. Following are some of the popular flavours of tea premixes available.

  1. Cardamom Tea Premix.

Although the name of this tea is Green Tea, the main ingredient here is the cardamom. The premix provides a rich taste and flavour. There are no added artificial preservatives, colours in it. It is 100% natural, and just by adding hot water you get to relish it easily.


    Posted on 9 October, 2017 | Pranita

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